FPGAworld 2015

Registration Sep 10th  DTU (SCION), Building 372, Diplomvej 2800 Lyngby

Sponsors:  ÅF   ACM Elektroniktidningen DTU Aktuell Elektronik



Conference opening

Lars Dittmann, Technical University of Denmark and Lennart Lindh, FPGAworld



Key Note Session


Key Note Speaker:
Professor Vincent Mooney III, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

Hardware Security and FPGAs: Strategies and Counterattacks

Recent highly publicized security attacks on businesses and governments have heightened the awareness of hardware vulnerability to malicious attacks.  FPGA technology offers a unique strategy not available to application-specific non-programmable hardware: reconfiguration. This talk will give an overview of recent results in hardware security including an approach based on hardware signatures. The ability of hardware reconfiguration to protect run-time hardware and software highlights the advantages of FPGAs.

Session Chair: Lars Dittmann, Technical University of Denmark



Coffee&Tea Break, Sponsor:   

10:30 – 12:30

Product Program, C1-5

Session Chair: Ove Boström, FPGAworld



C1: Optimizing HW/SW partition of a complex embedded system using C/C++
Olivier Tremois, EMEAI DSP Specialist FAE, XILINX,

C2: Max10 - The next step in low cost FPGA integration
Nikolay Rognlien, MDE Programmable Logic, Arrow Norway AS, (more information), info_2

C3: Designing power for FPGAs,
Nicolai Mahncke - Field Application Engineer at Linear Technology

C4: UVM Framework – an easy way to improve your verification job
Stefan Bauer (Mentor Graphics), InnoFour (more information)



Lunch Break & Exhibition

13:30 – 15:00

Industrial and Student/Hackers Program, A1-3
Session Chair: David Källberg, FPGAworld


A1: Automotive ADAS feature saves lifes with flexible HW (FPGA etc.) – practical implementation reference

Tryggve Mathiesen, Qamcom R&T AB, Sweden


A2: Accelerating embedded software development and ASIC verification with FPGAs

Juergen Jaeger, Cadence Design Systems, USA, (more information)


A3: High-speed FPGA-based stereovision system - a success story

Rafal Kapela, Ph.D.,Antmicro Ltd/Poznan University of Technology, Polan



Coffee Break

15:30 – 17:00

Industrial and Student/Hackers Program, A4-6
Session Chair: Ove Boström and David Källberg, FPGAworld


A4: OSVVM for VHDL Verification
Jim Lewis, SynthWorks Design Inc, USA,
more information, Course

A5:  Real-time operating system, hardware or software?
André Norberg, AGSTU, Sweden, more information

Product Presentation

C5: SmartFusion2 – Embedded system "Root-of-Trust" Secure Boot Demonstration Peter Trott, Microsemi, USA, (more information)

17:00 – about 17:30



Panel Discussion

What will be the impact of Intel on Altera?  Any reason to be frightened? 

Xilinx next?
Session Moderator: Rolf Sylvester-Hvid, Aktuel Elektronik, (Danish Magazine)

Opinion presenter: Mike Dini, Dini  Group, USA (10 minutes without interruption)

Panel: The participants in the room!


Exhibitors and Product Presenters




ÅF, Sweden

Aktuel Elektronik, Denmark

Elektroniktidningen, Sweden

The Dini Group, USA

Exostiv Labs, Belgium

Linear Technology, USA

Silica, USA


Synective Labs, Sweden

Microsemi , USA

Arrow Electronics, USA


InnoFour, Netherlands

AGSTU AB, Sweden